When can I install my eSIM?

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When can I install my eSIM?

You can install your eSIM as soon as you receive the QR code or manual installation details from us. Activation of the ESIM and the start of it happens when you land in the country and start using the first byte of data.

** You must turn on your ESIM by going into your settings when you are in the destination to use mobile data.

in the case of iPhone [ Settings > Mobile or Cellular > GO to SIMs section and look for your ESIM > Turn on this line

Switch the Line ON

Then on the Settings page > Mobile

Select the Mobile Data link to use your Mobile Data for the country.

Primary means your existing mobile provider eg Vodafone, Optus, Telstra etc

Mobile Data is the ESIM your bought from us

This is what it should look like and you can setup hotspot if you need


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