Help & FAQ - Installing the ESIM on an iPhone via QR Code

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Installing the ESIM on an iPhone via QR Code

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

  2. Tap on Mobile (in some regions, this may be labelled “Mobile Data”).

  3. Tap “Add eSIM”

  4. Text: Use your iPhone to scan the QR code from eSIMstore.

  5. If asked to label your account, choose a label or enter your own. Other wise it would be default as Mobiledata.

    While you are still at home, If asked to set your default line, choose primary to use for your regular calls and texts.

    Other settings are as follow:

  6. Confirm the setup. You should see your new eSIM indicated by “Mobile Setup Ready”.

  7. When you land select mobile data to turn the line on.

    You should see the settings as follows. Turn it off when you in Australia and ON when you are at your destination

  8. When you land in the destination. Select mobile data to use MobileData instead of your Australian SIM card. Make sure you turn that ESIM on in Step 7.

  9. You should now be using your data on your ESIMStore ESIM. You can check your usage in your account on after you login. 
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